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The Next Step in Marriage Counseling

Yesterday, I talked about knowing when you need counseling. Today I'd like to talk about how to choose a marriage counselor. After finally deciding to get help, many couples are overwhelmed with the sheer numbers of counseling options. Most couples begin by searching the internet. Another good choice is to ask a family doctor or trusted minister for suggestions. But the best referrals for marriage counselors come...
Jan 01, 1970 / Saving Your Marriage

How to Make it Easy for Your Spouse to Cheat

Research shows that most men admit sex is thereason behind their infidelity; women say it’s unmet emotional needs.Now, there is never an excuse for beingunfaithful, but it’s possible to get so caught up in the routine of life thatyou forget about the needs of your spouse. If you’re stuck in a marital rut,here are four things you can do.First,calendar physical activity. Do a sport, hike or walk together. Second,...
Jan 01, 1970 / Saving Your Marriage

What to Do When You Are Lonely in Marriage

  Once you got married, you thought you’d never feel lonely again. You had high hopes that your spouse would be the lifelong companion who saved you from loneliness.  But over time, you unintentionally disconnected from one another. Now that loneliness has crept in. How do you deal with it? Here are 3 ways to reconnect.  First, forgive past hurts.  This means knocking down the walls of bitterness between you and...
Jan 01, 1970 / Saving Your Marriage



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