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Stop, Look, and Listen to Your Spouse

Author Pat Morley suggests that we stop, look and listen when our spouse wants to talk.  First, stop what you’re doing.  Put down your cell phone, turn off the TV.  Second, look directly at your spouse when they’re talking to you.  It shows you care.  Third, really listen to your spouse.   And men, that doesn’t mean telling her how to solve a problem.  It means identifying how she’s feeling with an understanding...
Mar 25, 2013 / Communication

3 Ways to Appreciate Your Spouse

Feel like all you do is clean the house, wash the clothes, pick up after others, and provide taxi service for the kids...  and no one notices? Or, maybe you feel like all you are needed for is to bring home a paycheck. A busy husband or wife can often get those feelings. So, what can you do? First, validate what your spouse is doing. Let them know that their seemingly mundane job IS very important and why. Second,...
Mar 22, 2013 / Communication

How to Avoid Arguments in Marriage

I’m talking about timing in marriage – specifically, when it comes to discussing things with your spouse. You want to talk to your wife about the phone bill so you bombard her as soon as she walks in the door from work.  Your husband is sick with the flu but you go ahead and bring up the broken sink anyway.  Or, your wife is exhausted, and just as her head hits the pillow you bring up the budget.  All bad timing. ...
Jan 24, 2013 / Communication

How to Encourage Your Spouse

There are lots of qualities that matter: character, integrity, stability. But here’s something else to consider: look for someone who encourages you and has a positive outlook. It’s hard to have a happy marriage when your partner constantly criticizes you or makes you feel inadequate. Your spouse should be trying to build you up, not tear you down. And, it’s easier to have a happy marriage when you’re with someone...
Jan 08, 2013 / Communication

Write a Love Letter

Maybe the last love letter you wrote was when you were dating.  Do you remember how your heart raced?  And do you remember how much they loved to get them?  Now try to remember why you stopped.  Well, it’s not too late.  Pull out a clean sheet of paper and tell your spouse that you love them for who they are.  Praise them for their unique talents, gifts and abilities and tell them what you cherish in your...
Jul 19, 2012 / Communication

3 Arguments Couples Have

According to a recent iMOM poll, the three things that couples argue about most are money, communication and discipline.  Sound familiar?  Conflict is natural in a relationship.  But sometimes, a small disagreement can escalate into a full-blown shouting match.  A useful tool couples can use to avoid a heated argument is a kind of intermission.  When things are getting hot, one person can say, “Let’s take a...
Jun 28, 2012 / Communication

Argument Curfew: How To Stop Arguing with Your Spouse

Soon after my wife and I were married, we made a discovery.  It seemed like when we argued, it was at night… when we were tired and irritable from a long day.  So we set a curfew on serious discussions:  nine o’clock is the limit.  Now, when we start to get into a heavy talk after nine, we remind each other that it’s late, we’re not going to resolve anything tonight, and we can talk about it tomorrow. This way, we...
Dec 16, 2011 / Communication



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