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Workaholic Parents

A University of North Carolina study found that children of workaholics have the same levels of anxiety and depression as children of alcoholics. Scary, isn't it? So how do you know if you're working too much? Well, are you more excited about going to work than spending time with your family? Do you take work home with you? Do you work on weekends. . . and even on vacation? Does your work preoccupy your thoughts?...
Jan 01, 1970 / Career & Finances

Tiger Woods: Should He Get a Second Chance?

Not in the U.S. Open, but in his personal life. Last year, the world was shocked to learn of golfing great, Tiger Woods', many indiscretions. He faltered personally and professionally. Now, on the brink of a professional comeback, he's out of the game again. Can we show him grace? At what point is it ok to start cheering for him again? Whether or not you choose to root for him in his professional life, we should...
Jan 01, 1970 / Character

Identity v. Image

If you look at how many of us live our lives, you would think the answer is clear… image is key. Your image is how you're viewed by others. We spend a lot of time creating our image… with our house, our car, our clothes, our friends . . . just so people will see us a certain way. Sometimes it's real, sometimes it's not. But your identity is who you are. It's real…it never changes. When you're clear about your...
Jan 01, 1970 / Miscellaneous

Home Organization 101

The stairs are piled high with dirty laundry and crumbled up homework.  The toy room is a sea of puzzle pieces and too many action figures to count.  And forget finding any pair of shoes in the hall closet that actually go together.  Sound like your home?  If so, it may be time for your family to get organized with these tips.  First, clean up the kids’ rooms and toy room.  Try storing toys in bins on low shelves...
May 12, 0018 / Family Living



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