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Make Time for What’s Really Important

There's no such thing as not having time. When we say "I don't have time," what we're really saying is that we don't choose to make certain things a priority right now, or, there's something else we'd rather be doing. Think about all the demands on your schedule and take a look at the things you spend the most time on. The truth is we make time for the things we want to make time for. But that isn't always...
Jan 01, 1970 / Family Time & Vacations

More, more, more

The list of "I wants" can go on and on. For kids it's, "I want that video game." "I want that scooter." For us, it's, "I want that car." "I want that couch." No matter what we have, there's always more. Henry David Thoreau said, "We make ourselves rich by making our wants few." Most of us already have what we need… it's just a matter of controlling what we want. So, the next time someone in your family wants to...
Jan 01, 1970 / Family Living

Picnic = Summer Fun!

There's nothing to do! I'm bored!" Sound familiar? Wasn't it just yesterday that everyone was excited about school being out? But just a few weeks in, and you're pulling your hair out for some ideas to entertain the troops that won't cost an arm and a leg. Well, no need to worry. July is Picnic Month, so take your PB&J, and head out for a little lunch on the lawn. Better yet, try a change of scenery…load the...
Jan 01, 1970 / Family Time & Vacations

Summer Movies

Every year, Hollywood entices our kids with a flood of new films designed for their consumption.  But, just like their favorite foods at the grocery store, not everything made for them is good for them.  With so many movies being released, it’s tough to sort out the good from the bad.   Well, we can help.  Check out our movie monitor.  There you can see if the release of Monsters University or The Smurfs 2 is...
Jan 01, 1970 / Family Time & Vacations

Tune in to each other

Fall "sweeps" month begins today, and that means TV shows will resort to more sensational programming to boost their ratings and advertising dollars. So be prepared for even more sex, violence and vulgar language than usual for the next 30 days. While there isn't much you can do about what's on TV, there's a lot you can do about how much you'll allow into your home. Why not consider skipping TV for awhile, and...
Jan 01, 1970 / Family Living

Home Organization 101

The stairs are piled high with dirty laundry and crumbled up homework.  The toy room is a sea of puzzle pieces and too many action figures to count.  And forget finding any pair of shoes in the hall closet that actually go together.  Sound like your home?  If so, it may be time for your family to get organized with these tips.  First, clean up the kids’ rooms and toy room.  Try storing toys in bins on low shelves...
May 12, 0018 / Family Living



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