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Your Kids and True Greatness

What’s the number one mistake parents make in raising kids?

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According to parenting expert Dr. Tim Kimmel, it’s pushing them toward a “successful” future. Wait a minute, you say, what’s wrong with wanting my children… read more
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Marriage and Loneliness

Are you lonely in your marriage?

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Maybe you’re lonely because your spouse is never home.  Maybe they’re at home but still very distant…you’re searching for intimacy with your soul-mate,… read more
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How to Balance Work and Family Life

There’s an important call for you on line one.

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It’s tough to stay in touch with your kids when you spend most of your time at work… and they spend most of their time in the classroom.  One family handles… read more
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10 Things Wives Want to Hear from Husbands

Men, do you know what your wife wants to hear from you?

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Yesterday we talked about what a husband wants to hear from his wife.  Today we’ll talk about the 10 things wives want to hear from their husbands.  So… read more
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10 Things Husbands Want to Hear from Wives

Ladies, do you feel like your husband doesn’t listen?

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Well, maybe you’re not saying what he wants to hear.  What your husband craves are words of praise and validation from the most important person in his… read more
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Black History Month: Valuable Character Lessons for Kids

Do your children know the significance of Rosa Parks?

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How about Langston Hughes, Patricia Roberts Harris or Carter G. Woodson? February celebrates Black History Month, and now is a great time to share with… read more
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Borrowed Time

What if your spouse had a fatal illness?

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Think about it.  Your spouse comes up to you and says, “The doctor said I only have a year to live.”  Then would it matter so much that he forgot to take… read more
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The Effects of Divorce on Teens

Is your teen suffering through your divorce?

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Divorce is never easy on anyone, but teens often channel their emotions into destructive behaviors. A recent survey from Pediatrics journal shows that… read more
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What to Look for in a Spouse

Do you know what to look for in a potential mate?

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There are lots of qualities that matter: character, integrity, stability. But here’s something else to consider: look for someone who encourages you and… read more
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Just Like Dad

Would you want your daughter to marry someone like you?

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The old saying goes that girls often choose husbands who are like their dads.  How does that sit with you?  Our girls are watching us for an example of… read more
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The Weight of the World and Single Parenting

How much does the world weigh?

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If you really want to know, ask a single parent.  Their job is never-ending.  Their work is never done.  Day after day they carry the load…alone.  No wonder… read more
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How to Be More Than a “Good Enough” Father

Are you a “good enough” father?

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In the movie, Courageous, Alex says he doesn’t want to be a “good enough” father.  He wants to be more.  Do you? Are your kids your priority?  Do you attend… read more
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