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What to Do When Your Kids Spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Parents, are you equipped to deal with a child who spells trouble?

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All kids get into trouble at some point—that’s a given. Here are some common ways a child spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E and what you should do. The T in trouble… read more
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Creative Winter Date Ideas

Husbands, are you looking for some creative winter date ideas?

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For many, winter is all about staying inside and not venturing out into the cold. And while you can enjoy time with your spouse right in your own living… read more
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10 Lies Your Teen Believes

What lies does your teen believe?

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What lies does your teen believe? I’m Mark Merrill with today’s Family Minute. Most parents are concerned with the lies their teenagers are telling, but… read more
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7 Ways to Start an Argument with Your Spouse

Want to start an argument with your spouse?

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Too much peace and harmony in your marriage?  If so, here are a few things you can do to start a fight with your spouse. First, change plans at the last… read more
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How Being a "Boy Mom" is Harder

What's so hard about being a "boy mom"?

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All moms have the difficult, yet rewarding, job of raising kids. But today, I’d like to share with you how being a mom to boys can sometimes be harder.… read more
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How to React to Hurtful Words in Front of the Kids

How should you react when your spouse or ex says something hurtful to you in front of the kids?

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It hurts when a spouse or an ex says something nasty, but it hurts even more when it happens in front of the kids. So what should you do? Stay calm and… read more
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7 Common Double Standards in Marriage

Are you promoting double standards in your marriage?

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Marriage is when two become one. And when we hold ourselves to a different set of standards than our spouse, we create an unfair, double standard and division.… read more
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5 Reasons Why Teenagers "Hate" Their Parents

Want to know how to make your teenager "hate" you?

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The teen years can be challenging, and many parents have heard their teen say to them, “I hate you.” There’s no excuse for such an outburst, but sometimes… read more
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When to Start Dating? Important Characteristics Before You Let Your Child Date

What's the best age to let your son or daughter start dating?

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Regardless of your family’s convictions about how and when to date, one important thing to look at is their maturity. For instance, our kids should be… read more
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How Being a "Girl Mom" is Harder

What's so hard about being a "girl mom"?

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Parenting either boys or girls comes with its own set of unique challenges and joys. But today, we’re going to talk about how being a “girl mom” can be… read more
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10 Ways to Push Your Spouse Away

Is your schedule full and your marriage relationship empty?

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You’re juggling the needs of your kids—their homework, their sports, their friends. You’re busy preparing for a big presentation at work. You’ve got a… read more
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3 Keys of Family Leadership

Men, are you equipped to lead your family well?

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Here are some of the basics of being a leader to your wife and kids. First, leading well means loving well. Showing care and affection to your wife provides… read more
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