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4 Ways to Fight Fair

When conflict arises in your family, do you know how to fight fair?

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Conflict tends to bring out the worst in people.  They can all too easily become aggressive, insulting, and hurting—leaving wounds on their family members… read more
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Why Education is Not the Most Important Thing

Is education the most important thing for your child?

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Most parents are extremely focused on the grades their child gets but what about how they get them? Are they cutting corners or cheating to achieve those… read more
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5 Things I’ve Learned About Communicating with My Wife

How well do you and your spouse communicate?

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It amazes me how much I’m still learning each day.  Just when I think I’ve made some great progress, I mess up and realize I’m still far from being the… read more
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The Five Respect Needs of Men

Wives, do you know how to really respect your husband?

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We’ve heard more than once that men crave respect—especially from their wives.  But I think it’s important that we define what sort of respect men are… read more
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How to Help Your Daughter Believe She’s Beautiful

How can you help your daughter believe she’s beautiful?

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In this image-obsessed culture, your daughter is constantly wondering if she’s beautiful.  Here are three ways you can help her see her beauty. First,… read more
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A House Divided

Husbands, how should you handle a house divided?

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Somehow a small disagreement turned into a major dispute.  You and your spouse continued to fight until it got out of control.  Now you’re left standing… read more
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Are You Encouraging Your Spouse to Cheat?

Are you helping your spouse have an affair?

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There’s no excuse for having an affair. And sure, sometimes they happen out of the blue but, more often than not, affairs don’t just happen. Usually there… read more
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7 Common Trigger Points That Make People Prickly

What are the trigger points that make you prickly?

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Porcupines have trigger points that cause the sharp quills on its back to raise up. When it’s threatened or irritated, it can get really mean and shoot… read more
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7 Principles for Raising Sons

Moms, are you equipped to raise your son well?

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From an early age, we can recognize the innate differences between our sons and daughters.  But it’s even more important to understand how to handle those… read more
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6 Short Sentences Your Child Needs to Hear You Say

What are the most important words you should say to your child?

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There are some short sentences that every child needs to hear, on a regular basis, from their dad.  These sentences can make or break their sense of identity,… read more
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10 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Date

Dads, how much do you know about the person your child is dating?

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Movies have a way of making puppy love seem sweet and innocent.  But when our kids begin dating in real life, it becomes a whole different ball game. … read more
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Feeling Overwhelmed All the Time?

Feeling overwhelmed?

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pressures and busyness of life, you’re not alone. And if you aren’t careful, those things can lead you to a searing… read more
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