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Be a Better Spouse: Accept, Applaud, Allow

Want to be a better spouse?

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It’s easy to instruct your mate on how they can be a better husband or wife.  But maybe it’s time to look at yourself.  Maybe it’s time for you to be the… read more
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Putting “Memorial” Back into Memorial Day

Do you and your family make a habit of remembering Memorial Day?

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Since our nation first began fighting for independence in 1775, more than one million Americans have lost their lives serving our country.  To honor these… read more
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How to Romance Your Spouse

Are you looking for new ways to discover marriage romance?

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After a number of years together, marriage can start to seem ordinary, routine, or even boring.  But I’d like to challenge you to bring the passion and… read more
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How to Evaluate Your Relationship with Your Child

How can you tell if your relationship with your child is strong or weak?

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Just like anything else in life, parenting will bring out strengths and weaknesses in you.  For example, you may be great at spending tons of time with… read more
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10 Life Skills Your Teen Needs Before Leaving Home

Is your teen preparing to leave home?

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Over the last few years, I’ve watched all 5 of my kids grow up and head out into the world.  Though I can’t be with them as they journey into life after… read more
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How to Discipline Your Child

Do you struggle with how to discipline your children?

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It’s important for every parent to know the fundamentals of discipline.  One of the fundamentals is unified discipline. You need to agree on how you will… read more
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Words of Wisdom for Graduates

Do you have words of wisdom for graduates?

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Graduation is a whirlwind.  As for my kids, there have been 5 gowns worn, 5 caps thrown into the air, and 5 high school diplomas received.  At each graduation,… read more
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Home Organization 101

Do you need some home organization tips?

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The stairs are piled high with dirty laundry and crumbled up homework.  The toy room is a sea of puzzle pieces and too many action figures to count.  And… read more
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The 3 C’s to Guiding Your Kids through Peer Pressure

Are you equipped to guide your child through peer pressure?

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Every child faces pressure from peers.  While some of those pressures can be harmless, or even positive, there are a number of negative peer pressures… read more
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5 Ways Dads Can Turn Chronic Failure into Success

Men, do you sometimes feel like a failure?

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There will come a time in every man’s life when he finds himself in a season when he feels like failure.  It’s a time when you seem to continually mess… read more
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5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids’ Growth

Do you encourage your child?

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Each day, our kids are experiencing new things and making new mistakes.  All the while, these moments are shaping and growing them.  As parents, we’re… read more
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My Marriage Walk vs. Marriage Talk

Why has my marriage walk not matched my marriage talk?

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I realized that I’ve been writing and speaking about how to have a great marriage, but I haven’t been putting all of it into practice.  Why? Well, a house… read more
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