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8 Creative Ways to Flirt with Your Spouse

Do you flirt with your spouse?

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Flirting with your spouse is a good thing and can reap a lot of benefits. So here are some playful, fun, creative ways to flirt with your spouse. Leave… read more
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10 Things to Teach Your Son About True Manhood

Does your son know what it means to be a man?

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Our culture has a lot to say about what it means to be a man.  It tells us a man has to be strong and handsome, win every fight, and of course, get the… read more
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The Sacred Search to Find a Spouse

Are you trying to help your child choose a spouse?

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In his book, The Sacred Search, Author Gary Thomas shares how to teach your children to choose a spouse who they love and also respect. He emphasizes choosing… read more
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5 Things Husbands Wish Wives Knew

Women, do you know what your husband really wants?

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We all know that there is a gap between men and women—a gap filled with different desires, different strengths, and different styles of communicating. … read more
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10 Treasure Hunt Clues for Around the House

Looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon with your kids?

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With all the games, movies, and books out there, our kids still somehow find a way to whine, “I’m bored!”  One great way to cure their boredom is to take… read more
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7 Ways to Know You Are Being a Good Mom

Ladies, how do you know you’re being a good mom?

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Recently, my wife Susan, shared with me that, at a basic level, you’re a good mom if your child knows you love them.  Simple gestures from your kids reveal… read more
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5 Great Dates Under $25

Is money keeping you from going on a date with your spouse?

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The family budget may be tight right now.  There are braces to pay for, a car that needs to be fixed, and electric bills to be paid. Being tight on money… read more
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A Leader’s Gift

Do you view leadership as a gift?

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As a parent, you may feel like leadership in your home is a burden you must carry or a duty you must endure. And the ups and downs of home life can even… read more
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How to Get Your Husband to Do What You Want

Women, want to know how to get your husband to do what you want?

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Remember Connect the Dots? It’s the kid’s game where you draw a line from dot to dot until a bigger picture is made.  Like this game, some guys like me… read more
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3 Bedtime No No’s for Moms

Is bedtime with your kids a constant nightmare?

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As bedtime approaches, your kids obediently put on their pajamas, they only ask for one sip of water, and then they quietly listen to you read the perfect… read more
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How to Handle Teenage Rebellion

Is your teenager in a season of rebellion?

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As parents we must understand why our teen is rebelling if we want to figure out what to do in response.  Here are 5 reasons why your teen is rebelling… read more
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10 Ways to Teach Your Children Humility

Do your children know what it means to be humble?

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We want our kids to be confident. Acing a test, scoring a goal, or getting the part builds that confidence.  But all too often, confidence grows into pride… read more
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