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Do You Want a Better Family Life

Do you want a better family life?

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So many people have a dream of a better family life. But all too often they leave it as a distant dream instead of doing something to make it happen. So… read more
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How to Interview Your Daughter's Date

What questions would you ask a guy who wants to date your daughter?

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If you were to take just 30 minutes to interview your daughter’s potential date, you would be able to learn a lot about him, while setting clear expectations… read more
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5 Activities Good Fathers Should Stop Doing

What should good fathers stop doing?

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The transition into parenthood is dynamic and life-altering. We must move from focusing on ourselves to focusing on our family first. Sometimes we have… read more
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Why You Should Invest in Your Adult Child's Friends

Do you invest in your adult child's friends?

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Our kids are now all out of the house in college or starting a career.  But we still get to spend a lot of time with them. We like hanging out with them… read more
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How to Deal with Anxiety

When was the last time you found yourself caught in a storm?

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Thunderstorms here in Florida come and go…often very quickly.  But what about the storms in our lives…the ones that don’t disappear so easily?  Anxiety… read more
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6 Ways to Be a Joyful Mom

Want to be a joyful mom?

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Each day we have a choice to make. We can choose to be joyful around our kids or we can choose to be joy-less. We can choose to make our kids smile when… read more
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Why You Should Interview Your Daughter's Date

Why should a dad interview his daughter's date?

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As my daughters went through high school, I was very intentional about talking to them about their relationships with young men. I also made it a point… read more
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Unhappy Marriage: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should you stay or should you go?

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So you’re very unhappy in your marriage. You’re trying hard to make it work, but your spouse is making no effort to make things better. The question creeps… read more
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5 Reasons Why We Don't Want to Change

Why do we fear change?

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In November 2010, the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology revealed a study about peoples’ fear of change. Students were given a choice between a… read more
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How Parenting Taught Me Insufficiency is Okay

Do you like to be in control?

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Most of us want to be in control of things. We want to control people. We want to control circumstances.  Basically, we want to control our entire lives. … read more
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7 Ways to Not Spoil Your Children

Is your child spoiled?

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Many parents walk a fine line between caring for their children and spoiling their children. But the difference is not too complicated. Caring is always… read more
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9 C's That Can Kill a Marriage

What are some of the greatest marriage killers?

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My wife, Susan and I have been so happy to see friends who have had long-lasting marriages but have been saddened as well by marriages that seemed great… read more
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