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What's Truly Important to You?

What should we value?

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When we think about what’s valuable to us, we often think about material things… our home, car, investment portfolio. We think about business success.… read more
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How a Wedding Can Make Your Marriage Stronger

Can attending a wedding really make my marriage stronger?

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As my wife Susan and I reflected on a friend’s recent wedding, we could see how weddings really can help strengthen our marriage. Here’s how. First, a… read more
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How Can You T.A.P. into Your Strengths

What’s your “natural resource?”

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In our search for new energy supplies, we are learning more about the value of our natural resources and how to harness and channel them in the right direction.… read more
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Your Sacred Yes: Sometimes the Wisest Yes is a No

Are you overwhelmed by the busyness of life?

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Life is demanding. Our calendars are packed. We know we should say “no” to more things. But it’s hard to determine what to say “no” to, and what to say… read more
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How to Make Your Relationship Better

Are you craving better relationships?

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Relationships are tough. But the good news? They can be easier!  Today, I’m going to share 3 ways to make your relationships better. First, stop trying… read more
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5 Ways Parents Can Be a Role Model for Kids

What should you model for your child?

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One of the best things you can do as a parent is to strive to live a model life that is worthy for your child to follow. Here are 5 things you should model… read more
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5 Things Your Husband Should Expect from You

Ladies, what should your husband expect from you?

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Husbands and wives sometimes have unrealistic expectations of one another in marriage. But, there are a few things that a husband can and should expect… read more
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5 Places You and Your Kids Can Serve Others

How can you and your kids achieve greatness?

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. told us what greatness is all about. He said, “Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.” One of our jobs as parents… read more
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Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters with Meg Meeker

How can you raise strong daughters?

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You raise strong girls by having a father actively involved in their life. How do fathers influence daughters? First, fathers are role models. Remember… read more
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7 Things Your Wife Should Expect from You

Men, what should your wife expect from you?

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Your marriage has some nonnegotiables—a list of things your wife should be able to expect from you. Here are a few of them. First, trustworthy. That means… read more
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Am I Pretty or Ugly?

Do you think I am pretty or ugly?

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Girls in their tweens and teens are posting videos on YouTube asking the question, “Am I pretty or ugly?  It’s no secret, the teenage years are full of… read more
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Fear Not: Your Kids Can Learn From Your Mistakes

Are you fearful about sharing your mistakes with your kids?

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I think most parents have moments of uncertainty or even fear about sharing their mistakes with their children. But we shouldn’t let our bad choices, or… read more
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