5 Ways to Have a Healthy Marriage

5 Ways to Have a Healthy MarriageHave you lost that lovin’ feeling in your marriage?  Are you just going through the motions in your marriage – as in your life?  Stop!  A vibrant marriage can be a reality - with just a little effort on your part.  So, get started today.

Here are 5 ways to have a healthy marriage:

1. Make a Decision and Be Deliberate.  Commit to making your marriage a top priority.  You can even sign a contract with yourself or as a couple.  Accountability is the key.

2. Understand That It Is Not All About You.  Marriage is not just a 50/50 partnership.  It is a 100%, give it all you’ve got, relationship – without expecting anything in return.

3. Take Steps Daily.  Make a list and tape it to your bathroom mirror or add it to your “to do” list for the day. 

4. Make Your Relationship with Your Wife a Priority.  Your most important relationship, next to God, is your relationship with your spouse.  Without a healthy marriage, you will not have a healthy family.  Schedule one-on-one time with your spouse regularly to keep the lines of communication open on everything – kids, finances, future plans.  However, don’t forget to schedule a date night once a week (or as often as possible) – to just have fun!

5. Do Preventative Maintenance.  Don’t wait until your marriage is in disrepair to seek counsel.  Attend a seminar, go on a couple’s retreat with your church, or schedule a “check-up” appointment with a marriage counselor.

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