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The Attack of the Tickle Monster

Jul 17, 2012 / Fatherhood     

A friend of mine says a favorite memory of her father is how he would let her draw on his back. No, not with pens or markers, but with her finger. She would draw a picture and he would try to guess what it was. When my kids were growing up, I was the “tickle monster”—I chased the kids around the house, playfully tackled them to the ground, and got big laughs when the tickle monster attacked. You see, those are the times that build memories and build the bond between father and child. So Dads, make sure you’re adding to the family fun in your home. To keep the fun going with your family this summer, try these 8 downloadable lists of things to do with your family and don’t forget to keep the conversation going with your kids



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Mark Merrill

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