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Marriage Frustration

Apr 19, 2022 / Saving Your Marriage     

My wife, Susan, and I just celebrated 24 years of marriage.  After more than two decades together, you’d think we’d always have smooth sailing… but we don’t.  We both work really hard to have a great marriage.  So, why can’t we get it all together?  It’s our selfish nature… we want things from each other that we don’t always get.  She wants me to cherish, affirm and encourage her. I want her physical affection. So, what should we do?  First, we need to remember that we don’t always get what we want when we want it.  Second, we need to stay focused on serving and giving… giving selflessly and sacrificially to each other.  Here are the rest of the 5 ways to help your marriage feel less stressed.



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Mark Merrill

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