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My Marriage Walk vs. Marriage Talk

I realized that I’ve been writing and speaking about how to have a great marriage, but I haven’t been putting all of it into practice.  Why? Well, a house flood, new book, financial pressures, family health challenges, and busyness have all played a role in keeping me from focusing on my marriage. But there’s no excuse. So, what am I doing about it? First, I’m re-reading some of my own blog posts on marriage and...
May 12, 2016 / General

How to Fight your Most Important Battles

We all have challenges and battles in life and in marriage. The new movie War Room reminds us that we do have weapons to fight that battle well.  First, we must engage with humility. We must realize that we’re not always right and that we must listen to our spouses and look out for their best interests. Second, we must sacrifice. Sometimes we have to lay down our wants and reinforce our spouses even when we don’t...
Aug 25, 2015 / General

3 Tools for Building a Stronger Family with Jon Gordon

Great leaders build strong families.  Here are 3 tools to help you lead your family well.  Tool one: Love.  Loving your spouse and kids is key to building a stronger family.  Love must be your highest priority.  You must love your family well to lead your family well.  Tool two: Serve.  Serving your family and putting their needs above your own shows you want to help them succeed in whatever they are doing.  Tool...
Aug 18, 2015 / General

50 Reasons to Celebrate Your Husband or Wife

As the years tick away, it’s easy to treat your anniversary like it’s no big deal.  Well, even if you don’t have an elaborate celebration, taking the time to honor your commitment can be uplifting for your marriage.  So, at the very least, get a card, write a note and share how much your spouse means to you.  Then, tell them face-to-face, you love them.  Spend time with your spouse, whether it’s a romantic evening...
Aug 14, 2015 / General

The Importance of Laughter

Laugh together.  It’s no joke.  Laughter not only makes us feel good but according to research cited in the Canadian Family Physician journal, it releases chemicals associated with bonding.  A hearty belly laugh increases oxygen in your blood stream and gives your heart a workout.  That releases even more feel good endorphins.  Humor helps us cope with stress; it relieves tension and creates a feeling of intimacy,...
Aug 07, 2015 / General

How a Wedding Can Make Your Marriage Stronger

As my wife Susan and I reflected on a friend’s recent wedding, we could see how weddings really can help strengthen our marriage. Here’s how. First, a wedding can inspire awe in us for our own marriage. Watching a couple start their new life together reminds us of where we were when we started AND how much we’ve grown. Second, weddings cause us to ponder our own commitment, if we’re willing to listen to the...
Jul 30, 2015 / General

7 Marriage Resolutions

If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your marriage, consider these 3 marriage resolutions. First, choose to assume the best. This means trusting your spouse’s motives and actions, rather than jumping to the wrong conclusion. Second, choose to make the most of your marriage. No matter how good or bad your marriage currently is, commit to focusing on what you can do to make it better and love your spouse through...
Apr 17, 2015 / General



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