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Nov 15, 2011 / General

Nov 15, 2011 / General

Are You Always Fighting with Your Spouse?

Maybe you’ve had a bad day at the office, or you’re stressed about the bills. You’re grouchy, you’re ready to unload, and you let the words fly. You take out your frustration on your mate hoping they’ll take the bait. Well, there’s a better way to vent.  Instead of creating conflict, try these 3 ways to fight conflict in your marriage.  When you see your spouse, just say, "I’m cranky." They’ll ask why, and that’s...
Nov 09, 2011 / General

The Grass is Always Greener

My wife, Susan, and I knew a couple…let's call them Sally and Greg. They were always so sweet and kind to each other…so affectionate and attentive. We always looked at their marriage and wondered why ours wasn't as wonderful. Well, shortly after we drooled over this dreamy relationship, they went through a terrible divorce. What seemed like a magical marriage publicly was actually a dreadful relationship...
Nov 03, 2011 / General

The Foundation of Marriage

Think of your marriage as a house, built upon a foundation of words. When we only notice the negative things about our spouse—and constantly point those things out—our comments and complaints chip away at that foundation. But when we recognize the good things about our spouse, and speak words of sincere appreciation day by day, we strengthen that foundation. Men need the admiration and respect of their wives, and...
Oct 12, 2011 / General

Marriage: Do You Support Your Spouse?

Unfortunately, many of us are in the demolition business when it comes to our spouse. We tend to be competitive, critical and even condescending. But when it comes to our spouse, we should be a builder—undergirding and strengthening them against the things in life that would tear them down. Here are three building blocks to support your spouse. First, be cooperative. Help accomplish your spouse's goals. Second, be...
Sep 12, 2011 / General

Marriage Books

I sometimes get asked about good books for married couples. If a couple is having severe problems, a book may not be enough. Marriage counseling may be necessary. But a good marriage book can help you foresee potential problems, focus on the important issues, and navigate you through some challenges in your journey as a couple. So choose a book to walk through with your spouse. I've made a list of meaningful books...
Jan 01, 1970 / General



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