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Why You Should Make Out with Your Spouse

Whether you and your spouse pucker up at the drop of a hat or only give the occasional peck on the check, here are some medical benefits that a good “make out” session creates.  Studies show that these medical benefits include reducing blood pressure, boosting immune systems, and get this fighting cavities with increased saliva, burning calories, and even exercising facial and neck muscles. So when you see your...
Feb 12, 2015 / Dating Your Spouse

5 Creative and Unique Types of Valentine's Day Gifts

Your spouse will appreciate the time you invested in coming up with a creative gift this Valentine’s Day. Here are some unique types of gifts to trigger your own creative juices. First, think about gifts that are symbolic, that stand for something in your relationship. For example, get gift cards for the five restaurants from your five most special dates, and write a note to her saying, “Let’s relive our favorite...
Feb 09, 2015 / Dating Your Spouse

Dating for Life in Every Season

Here’s what I mean.  When we get married it seems like the niceties of dating go out the window.  She stops shaving her legs every night and he stops covering his mouth when he belches—the whole neighborhood can hear him.  Now sure, it’s great to be comfortable with our spouse, but we still need to work at keeping the magic alive.  So as you’re going through your daily routine, think back to the nice things you...
Dec 24, 2013 / Dating Your Spouse

One-Minute Marriage Boost

Leave your spouse a sweet note. That’s right – a note. You’ll be amazed at the power of the pen. If you head out of the house first, leave it on their car. Or, hide a note where you know they’ll find it. A friend of mine used the letters from a Scrabble game to create a surprise note for his wife. It only takes a minute, but the boost it gives lasts all day long. For more ideas, here are 6 ways to boost your...
Dec 13, 2013 / Dating Your Spouse

How to Fall Back in Love with Your Spouse

Tonight’s trick-or-treating and Fall Festivals will be all about the kids—from silly costumes and practical jokes to bags stuffed full of candy.  So, once the last bit of candy is eaten and the kids taken care of, make tomorrow all about you and your spouse. Surprise them with a Fall date!  Take a drive through the countryside and admire the changing colors of the leaves.  Grab dinner and something hot to drink,...
Oct 31, 2013 / Dating Your Spouse

How to Be Your Wife's Boyfriend

When you were dating your wife, you were captivated by her beauty, her charm, and the way she looked at you.  You couldn’t believe she was your girlfriend.  All these things inspired you to be a better boyfriend. But she needs to know that you still find her as captivating as ever.  If your wife is captivating, tell her.  First, don’t take her for granted.  Find a way to say “I love you” every day even if it’s...
Aug 07, 2013 / Dating Your Spouse

How to Be Your Husband's Girlfriend

Remember dating your husband? You couldn’t sleep…you couldn’t eat…you couldn’t wait for him to call.  It was reflected in the way you acted.  Let him know you are still his girlfriend.  First, remember what attracted your husband to you.  Watch sports with him.  Make him a special dinner.  Take time to do those things again.  Second, be excited to see him.  Enjoy just being in the same room with him.  When you...
Aug 06, 2013 / Dating Your Spouse



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