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Printable Letters for Your Spouse

Apr 22, 2019 / Communication     

In a letter… that’s right… a letter.  When you write something out, you usually give it more thought, and are more careful with the words you put on paper.  Your spouse will probably receive it better as well, since they can read it over and then think about it privately… and you won’t be there to argue with!  So when I want to address a sensitive subject with my wife… something she said that might have offended me, something about our finances, something that just rubbed me the wrong way… I get out the pen and paper to express myself.  Write to right a wrong.  Try it…. you’ll be encouraged by the results, and relieved that you avoided an argument.  You can start by reading How to Write the Love Letter Every Husband Wants to Receive. And don’t forget to review these 8 tips for writing your spouse a love note before you begin.



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Mark Merrill

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