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Marriage Battles: Fight, Retreat, Repeat

Jan 01, 1970 / Communication     

During the Civil War more than half of the skirmishes took place in Virginia, and each battle was just a continuation of the previous fight. Same reasons… same territory…different days. Sometimes marriage is like that. You have the same fights over and over about the kids, the money, the romance. The list goes on and on. But rather than continuing to take up arms, join hands and draft a resolution. Each of you write down the single most important thing you wish the other would change. Then agree on making the change and discuss how you'll make it happen. It's amazing how a little communication can lead to a cease-fire. Learn how to flip the script in your marriage and put that battle to REST.



The Family Minute is a daily radio feature that offers everyday advice on marriage, parenting, and family relationships.

Mark Merrill

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