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5 Types of Compliments to Give Your Spouse

Apr 16, 2015 / Communication     

Everyone needs to know they’re appreciated, especially in marriage. A great compliment can make your spouse’s week. For the next few days, use one of these types of compliments on your spouse. First, compliment their people skills…how they treat others. Notice when they show uncommon kindness, generosity, chivalry or patience. Say, “I really admire how kind you were to the people in that crazy, crowded store!” Second, compliment their parenting skills…the way they handle the kids. Say, “You really coached our daughter well on that issue.  Great job!” Third, compliment their get’er done skills. Don’t just save the compliment for extraordinary things. Say, “Thanks for cleaning the kitchen.” So keep complimenting your spouse.



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Mark Merrill

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