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“Throwback Thursdays” for Your Family

The best evenings at home with my kids weren’t spent with each of us with our fingers on our smart phones or watching TV.  The best times were nights when we sat around on the floor and played Monopoly, a game of cards; or, when we played kick ball in the back yard. “Throwback Thursday” is a day when we can look back on how things used to be and post a picture from long ago. Maybe we could take the idea a step...
Mar 04, 2019 / Family Time & Vacations

How to Make Your Family Vacation a Family Vacation

As I look back on my childhood, I realize the best family vacations we took were ones where we could really focus on one another.  Our drive out west to Yellowstone National Park together and our camping trips as a family were great vacations. So here are 4 ways to put the “family” back in your “family vacation.”  First, go together.  Find a week that works for everyone, then pile into the car and enjoy the ride. ...
Mar 28, 2014 / Family Time & Vacations

How to Be a Good Investor

Every good investor has vision…patience… and insight.  An old Chinese proverb offers this lesson.  If your vision is for a year, plant wheat.  If your vision is for ten years, plant trees.  But if your vision is for a lifetime, plant people.  Things like stocks come and go, but people will carry your values and beliefs through generations.  Investing in your family is the ultimate long-term view, the mutual fund...
Nov 14, 2013 / Family Time & Vacations

How to Build Memorable Monuments with Your Child This Summer

Our children need us to build lasting monuments in their lives. I call them “memorable monuments.” Memorable monuments are things you do with your kids that create lasting, loving memories. Here are things you can do to build memorable monuments with your child this summer. Discover what he most likes to do with you and then do that together on a weekly or monthly basis. Your child’s favorite thing may be...
Jul 05, 2013 / Family Time & Vacations

Just for Today: How to Spend Time with Your Kids

Update: Moms, please note that you don't have to opt-in to the Espresso Minute to receive Operation Summer. We apologize for the inaccurate information in Wednesday's Family Minute and want you to know that you can easily access Operation Summer Lovin' 2013 resources and sign up to receive email updates here. Just for today, tell your kids: I’ll forget about my to-do list and take you to the park.  I will silence...
Jun 07, 2013 / Family Time & Vacations

The Best Summer Activities

Today is the first day of summer, and it marks a wonderful time of the year for your child.  Years from now they will look back on the long days of this season to reminisce and remember.  How can you make this a summer they’ll never forget?  Your first step should be to take a stroll down your own summertime memory lane.  Try the things you did as a child that still make you smile today.  A day of swimming.  An...
Jun 05, 2013 / Family Time & Vacations

10 Ways for Making Memories with Kids

Will they cherish the trip to the theme park, the Xbox360, PS3, or the cell phone you bought them?  Or will they remember dad cooking pancakes for them, wrestling with them on the floor... and mom writing those special notes for their lunchboxes, or cheering for them at their games?  Our children won’t reminisce about big events and big-ticket items. Rather, their hearts will be warmed by memories of the love,...
May 29, 2013 / Family Time & Vacations



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