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The Secret to Raising Selfless Kids

The secret is to help them establish core convictions in their hearts… convictions that will define the way they look at themselves and relate to others. Family expert Dr. Tim Kimmel identifies four things our kids need to form deep convictions about: family, friends, faith, and freedom. Knowing what they are committed to will help your children focus less on themselves and more on others.  So, talk to your kids...
Jan 03, 2013 / Character

Patience: One of My Biggest Struggles

My Type A personality and our demanding world have joined forces and resulted in one of my biggest struggles—being patient. Being patient with circumstances and being patient with people are things I have to work hard at.  My wife, Susan, is helping me with it. Susan was sitting across the table from me during a meeting with our team at work, and she sent me a text during the meeting. It simply said, “Patience,...
Nov 21, 2012 / Character

What Do I Need to Share with Others?

What is your message? I’m Mark Merrill with today’s Family Minute. Our message is what we have to share with others. Know your message. It is often born out of what gives us pain. We all experience pain.  The question is, “What will I do with pain?” “Will it make me more focused on myself or on others?” In my new book, All Pro Dad, I share how pain can be a “relational bonding agent.” The pain you’ve experienced...
Apr 27, 2012 / Character

Do You Choose Gratitude?

You make decisions every day—what to eat, what to wear, where to go.  If you find yourself complaining…or frequently irritated, then make the decision to be content…to be satisfied with your circumstances in life.  It’s not hard, but it does take practice.  Next time you think of what’s wrong with your situation, stop!  For instance, instead of complaining because you have to mow the lawn, be thankful that you...
Nov 16, 2011 / Character

Need vs. Want

The list of "I wants" can go on and on. For kids it's, "I want that video game." "I want that scooter." For us, it's, "I want that car." "I want that couch." No matter what we have, there's always more. Henry David Thoreau said, "We make ourselves rich by making our wants few." Most of us already have what we need… it's just a matter of controlling what we want. So, the next time someone in your family wants to...
Nov 01, 2011 / Character

Do You Wish You Could Rewind Your Words?

I know there are times when I've said things I wish I hadn't. This can be especially true for a parent who, in stressful times, tells his kids to "shut up" or a spouse who says harsh things to his mate – things he later regrets. You can't rewind and erase your words, so choose your words wisely. Here's how. First, in a heated moment, remember that silence is golden. You will never regret a harsh word you never...
Oct 31, 2011 / Character

Planning Your Mid-life Crisis

In the movie City Slickers, Billy Crystal asks, "Did you ever reach a point in your life when you say to yourself: 'This is the best I'm ever going to look, this is the best I'm ever going to feel, the best I'm ever going to do, and it ain't that great'?" What we do with that feeling of emptiness will speak volumes about our character. Well, will we get depressed or throw a pity party? Or will we use the...
Sep 19, 2011 / Character



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