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Six A's of Good Parenting

Our kids are constantly evaluated on their abilities at school, in sports, in the arts and even at home. But what about you?  What grade would your kids give you as a parent?  Well, here’s a way to make an A every time.  Remember the 6 A’s of parenting.  First is Affirmation.  When your children are sharing their feelings or opinions, they want you to listen to them, identify with them and affirm them.  Second is...
Nov 14, 2011 / General

When to be a "Yes" Parent

There are many times when we must stand strong as parents and say “no” to our children, especially when something is not what’s best for them.  Because I often say “no” to my kids, I am always searching for more ways to say “yes.” So, every time one of my kids asks me to do something with them, I do my best to figure out how to make it happen even though it’s inconvenient or even though I had other plans.  When it...
Nov 10, 2011 / General

Web Safety for Kids

In a study done by the University of North Carolina, underage children were able to buy cigarettes on the Internet in 76 out of 83 attempts. These kids were monitored by the researchers in the study. How closely do you monitor your own children’s use of the Internet? Do you know what your child types into Google’s search engine? What ground rules have you discussed, what safeguards do you have in place? Help your...
Nov 02, 2011 / General

What a Great Baseball Manager and a Great Parent Have in Common

MajorLeague Baseball manager Tommy Lasorda once confessed that, as a relief pitcher,he was so anxious he would sometimes deliberately try to balk. Problem was, theumpires wouldn't call it and he was forced to face his fears. Several decadeslater when Lasorda was managing Orel Hershiser, he told Orel, "Tomorrowwhen Dale Murphy comes to bat and sees the name Orel, he's going to laugh atyou and then pound you deep....
Oct 03, 2011 / General

5 Ways to Raise Courageous Children

The dictionary defines courage as the ability to face difficulty, danger, or pain without fear. I think courage is the ability to look difficulty, danger, and pain square in the face and do what needs to be done, even though you are afraid. And your children learn how to be courageous by watching you. They learn courage when they see you step out of your comfort zone. They practice courage when you challenge them...
Sep 29, 2011 / General

12 Truths about Parenting

Parenting is never boring. There is always some new thing to enjoy or challenge to tackle. And while the parental climate is always changing from one stage of your child's life to the next, there are 12 truths about parenting that remain constant. First, parenting is "heart work." It's not about outward obedience; it's about the inward attitude of your child. Second, parenting requires prayer, patience and...
Sep 06, 2011 / General

How to Parent by Example

Last night, as I stood at the kitchen sink, my son tried to push me aside, without saying a word. Well, rather than just correct him, my wife and I decided to employ a little role-play. As I stood at the sink again, she played the role of my son and said, "Dad, will you please excuse me? I'd like to wash my hands." I said, "Sure, come on in." and then moved out of the way. You see, telling our kids how to do...
Jan 01, 1970 / General



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